The Old Ways Are Embedded In Us And We In Them

The School of Empathy
2 min readMar 8, 2024


Feminist is a label. Like patriarch is a label.

Unless we reckon with the legacy and the systems that perpetuate what we currently have, and create massive shifts, any attempts to organize our togetherness differently, are more likely than not to reproduce the huge gap in life experiences that we already have.

We advocate for equal rights but the bare concept of rights is in the realm of separation. It means that we are in a hierarchy, an authority based structure. Some powers are willing to accord rights, others don’t. We saw that in Afghanistan. The rights women gained were swiped away overnight. Instead of trying to operate change while using the tools patriarchy gives us, let’s create bulbs of need based organization of togetherness. What is the need we fulfill when we advocate for equal rights?

Care for the whole?

Because deep down we still feel that all is connected and that my needs are intertwined with everybody’s needs?

Connection, autonomy, freedom, togetherness, love, acceptance, recognition,..?

Can you recognize these needs?

Each human being has them at one point. They are universal.

We just don’t have the same strategies to fulfill them. Strategies are multiple. A “patriarch” has the same need for recognition as a “feminist” has. The strategy to fulfill the need is just not the same. And that’s where conflict occurs. So let’s meet on the level of needs and shape togetherness through holding all needs dear.



The School of Empathy

Annick Nölle is an artist and gives workshops in Non Violent Communication.